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Nelson Clinic at VCU Medical Center

401 North 11th Street, Fifth Floor, Suite 520

The Nelson Clinic is located at VCU Medical Center in downtown Richmond, Virginia. We are easily accessible from interstates 95 and 64. For your convenience, check out VCU Maps to help orient you before your first visit and map out the best driving directions.

Once you arrive at VCU Medical Center, you have the option of valet parking at the Gateway Building or parking on your own in the patient/visitor lot.

Valet parking at the Gateway Building

The Gateway Building is located at 1200 E. Marshall St., just off of 11th Street. You’ll know you have arrived when you see the glass awning and the sign that says VCU Medical Center, Gateway Building.

  • Pull into the circle drive to be welcomed by the valet. (Parking is $5.)
  • Go through the entryway and head to your right through the sliding glass doors. You are now on the ground floor of Gateway.
  • Take the elevator up to the second floor.
  • You will see a welcome sign that points you to the left for the Nelson Clinic (Building K, highlighted in orange).
  • Follow the signs down the hallway. You will bear right and then left twice as you continue to follow the signs.
  • Once you are done following the signs, you will be on the second floor of the Nelson Clinic at the main elevators.
  • If you need to go to another floor, take the elevator and if you have any questions you can visit the receptionist.

Parking on your own in the Patient/Visitor Parking Deck

The Patient/Visitor Parking Deck is located at 550 N. 12th St., with an entrance along Clay Street.

  • Once parked, take the elevator to the eighth floor (otherwise known as Main Hospital/Level 8).
  • Take a right to the door that exits onto Clay Street. There is a receptionist desk near the escalator if you have any questions.
  • Walk two blocks until you see the Ambulatory Care Center and Nelson Clinic sign on your left (tall gray building).
  • Enter the doors on the right where it says “Lobby.”
  • Walk straight back and to your left and you will see a set of elevators. Take the elevator to the second floor and then take a left for Nelson Clinic.
  • Follow the signs and you will come upon the Nelson Clinic elevators. You will be on the second floor but take the elevator if you need to get to another floor. There is a receptionist close to the elevator if you have any questions.

Feeling lost?

Feel free to give our Nelson Clinic office a call at (804) 828-9361 and we’ll be glad to help you find your way.