Department of Dermatology

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Attending physician-led teaching sessions

Our attending physicians are dedicated to providing a valuable educational experience for the residents. At the start of each resident continuity clinic, the attending physician supervising that clinic will lead a teaching session consisting of unknown slides, board review material or other topics. These meetings occur several times each week.

Grand Rounds

The Department of Dermatology hosts weekly Grand Rounds sessions covering a variety of dermatologic subject matter. Past topics have included dermoscopy, laser therapy, wound-healing, alopecia, mycosis fungoides and patch testing, among many others. Featuring speakers from academic medical centers across the country who are experts in their field of study, this meeting is well-attended by faculty, residents and community physicians.

Photoclinical Grand Rounds

Given the multitude of interesting pathology seen in our daily clinics and on our hospital consult service, this conference was designed as a forum for discussion of these cases. Residents lead patient presentations with emphasis on physical examination findings, challenges in diagnosis/management and other relevant learning points. Residents and faculty attend.

Journal Club

In the era of evidence-based medicine, residents are expected to develop and exercise analytical skills in relation to dermatologic literature. Journal Club is designed to provide residents with this opportunity. Residents summarize selected journal articles with a focus on practical applications, weaknesses of the studies, etc. Faculty members are present to facilitate the discussion.

Resident-led teaching sessions

In these weekly meetings, each resident organizes and prepares educational material based on the dermatology core curriculum, which is then taught to his or her co-residents. In order to ensure that all necessary material is covered, a resident-designed study schedule is provided to accompany these sessions.

Dermatopathology teaching sessions

The dermatopathology curriculum utilizes a multifaceted approach to teaching. Residents go to a weekly conference attended by both faculty and community dermatopathologists. Challenging cases are presented, with an emphasis on clinical-pathological correlation. Residents are encouraged to share difficult cases from the clinical setting or from the inpatient consult service. This is followed by various slide reviews and a comprehensive dermatopathology lecture series.

Specialty lecture series

Once a week, fellowship-trained dermatologists will provide additional didactic lectures covering key concepts in pediatric dermatology, surgical dermatology and dermatopathology.