The Department of Dermatology offers one of only a few clinics in the region dedicated to the care of patients with alopecia. Due to the impacts of this condition, we recognize that care involves not only cutting-edge clinical management, but also compassionate care for the emotional needs of the patient.

Caring for hair loss begins with finding the cause, and we work with each of our patients to identify the cause and create a personalized treatment plan.

How do we determine what’s causing hair loss?

To pinpoint the cause of hair loss, we use the following measures:

Ask questions. Sometimes the first signs of hair loss and how it evolves over time can reveal crucial information for a diagnosis, and we schedule appointments to allow time for a thorough health history.

Look closely at scalp, nails and any other area with hair loss. We routinely use photography and dermoscopy to evaluate and track progress.

Test the health of the hair and scalp. We routinely use scalp biopsies for microscopic evaluation.

Once we’ve made a diagnosis, we work with patients to create treatment plans tailored specifically to them and their needs. Therapies may include topical, oral or injected medications, or any combination thereof. We also offer phototherapy.

Follow-up generally requires routine visits and occasional laboratory monitoring. We take photos in standard poses at each visit, which are then stored securely in patients’ charts to track their progress.

The alopecia team at VCU understands that hair loss is more than just a cosmetic problem — it can have a significant impact on our patients’ quality of life. We're here to help.